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How to setup Softphone

You need the following tools…
Cell Phone Dialer Software
Switch Server or Soft Switch
Internet IP gateway
Server Tools


Softphone is a software need to install on your computer or handset, which will directly connect with your VoIP Switch server through the Real IP of that server. The softphone is called Mobile Phone Dialer. The specialty of the software can send request to the soft switch in predefine Switch server like real cell phone. The interface of the software is same as your handset.

Switch Server or Soft Switch

Switch server is also called soft switch. There specialty of the software act like electronic switch. The server is able to receive and transmit voice. When users dial a call in specific number the server receive the number and take action to transmit to the proper channel.

Internet IP gateway

Internet IP gateway is the communicator between Soft switch server and electronic switch to pass the call.

Server Tools

If you want to resell voip calls to client then you have to use some software tools to maintain your user accounts.
Billing software – will provide you detail information of the user’s calls, balance etc.
Encode Decode software - will allow you call some block country. Block country means some country government not allows you to make VoIP calls to that country. In that case you have to use the software.





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